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This page provides information for UTHSC investigators and those outside of UTHSC already working with the CANDLE study. The CANDLE study does not accept unsolicited applications to work with CANDLE data. If you are an existing collaborator, please carefully review the information below regarding the study methods and data, as well as our guidelines and procedures for collaboration. All forms and links for electronic submission required are provided on this page.

March 2023:  MAPP and GAP submissions are currently on hold. Please reach out to a member of the CANDLE leadership team if you are an existing collaborator.

MAPP & GAP Submission

Manuscript Analysis Plan Proposal (MAPP): All investigators planning publications utilizing existing CANDLE data must submit a MAPP and a MAPP cover form. Please read through the MAPP guidelines prior to beginning an application. All MAPP cover forms and proposals should be submitted electronically using the link below.

  • MAPP Guidelines
  • MAPP Electronic Submission
  • MAPP Amendment and Additional Data Request Form

Grant Application Proposal (GAP): CANDLE leadership will also consider proposals from existing collaborators to submit grant applications for research funding. If you are interested in a submitting a grant to work with CANDLE data, please submit a GAP cover form and Letter of Intent using the electronic submission link below.

  • GAP Guidelines
  • GAP Electronic Submission
  • GAP Amendment and Additional Data Request Form

Examples and Resources:  To be eligible for consideration, proposals must be submitted in the format outlined in the MAPP and GAP guidelines above.  Please reference the documents below for guidance.