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Current Visits

CANDLE is currently enrolling children ages 10 and older and their mothers or caregivers to complete new study visits, funded by the ECHO program. These visits should take place when the CANDLE child is age 10-11, and again at age 12 or older. Both visits include online and in-person options. Current ECHO funding ends Summer 2023, so be sure to enroll soon to be a part of this program!

In addition to ECHO visits, CANDLE is enrolling adolescents ages 13 and older and their mothers or caregivers into a study focusing on adolescent substance use initiation. This study consists of three data collection visits: the first in-person, and the next two are completely online. 

See below for more information about current visit procedures. If you have questions about visit procedures or current eligibility, please email candlestudy@uthsc.edu, or call 901-448-3300 to speak to one of the CANDLE coordinators.

  • CANDLE 10-11 year visit and 12+ year visit

    Visit Procedures


    • Surveys for parents and children
    • Cognitive Assessments for children
    • Physical Exam for children
      • Height
      • Weight
      • Blood Pressure
      • Skinfold Thickness
      • Waist Circumference
    • Specimen Collection from children
      • Tooth
      • Toenails
      • Hair
      • Urine
      • Blood
      • Saliva
    • Specimen collection from parents
      • Saliva
    • Compensation for time and travel is provided
    Staff labeling specimen collection kits
    Staff demonstrating skinfold measurement

  • NIDA Year 1 Visit


    Visit Procedures 
    • Surveys for parents and adolescents
    • Brief cognitive testing for adolescents
    • Compensation for time is provided