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Spring 2023

CANDLE has hosted the first meeting of its community advisory board. This board is made up of 5 community leaders in Memphis and has the goal of informing current and future research plans, as well as initiating plans to ensure the community receives important information learned from the research. In addition to the community leaders, several CANDLE participants will join future meetings.

Summer 2022

CANDLE has received funding from the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) to study risk and protective factors in adolescent substance use initiation. Dr. Karen Derefinko is leading this project, which will aim to collect data from CANDLE families at three timepoints over the next 5 years. Learn more about NIDA and current visits.

Winter 2022

CANDLE has 2 proposals currently under review and plans to submit an additional 2 proposals during the February/March NIH grant cycle. These proposals are all aimed at capitalizing on the rich extant data and some will extend data collection past our current funding with the ECHO program (ending in 2023).

Winter 2022

CANDLE is currently ranked # 5 in the ECHO program for contributions to the ECHO biorepository! To date, we have contributed over 12,000 biospecimens.

Spring 2021

CANDLE begins data collection for 12 year-olds and their families. Learn more about current visits.